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AC Maintenance meter

AC Maintenance Services – AC Gauge

Did you know that the typical operating pressure for the R-410A refrigerant gas is 118 psi (suction pressure), and 400 psi (discharge pressure)? Contact us at 800 2434

AC Repair

AC Condenser Deep Cleaning

We provide a variety of home services: ✓ AC Services ✓ Duct Cleaning ✓ Electrical Services ✓ Plumbing Services ✓ Energy Saving Solutions Contact us at 800 2434

AC Condenser Fan Motor1
AC Condenser Fan Motor2

Condenser Fan Motor

The fan motor is an important component in the AC unit. A faulty fan can cause bad cooling and a high level of vibration and noise. Fan motor condition inspection is a vital part of the periodic maintenance service. Contact us at 800 2434

Ramadan Kareem Beta engineering Company

Ramadan Kareem

AC Fix Dubai

AC Air Duct – Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?! AC Air Duct condition can play an important role in the indoor air quality. Contact us at 800 2434

AC Coil Cleaning
AC Coil Cleaning Dubai

AC Maintenance Services – AC Coil Cleaning

The report showed dirty condenser coils can lead to 40% degraded cooling capacity and about 60% in reduced energy efficiency. AC Coil condition plays an important role in indoor air quality. Contact us at 800 2434

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